How can I update a theme that is live on ThemeHunt?

Authors can update an approved theme on ThemeHunt to offer an improved user experience. To update an existing live theme, after preparing the update package appropriately, you need to follow the steps below. 

Step 1. Login to your ThemeHunt account. Open My Items from your dashboard or directly from the hover menu.

Step 2. View the Approved list to see which of your themes are currently live on the marketplace. There is an Edit link under each item listing. Click the Edit link.


Step 3. Now you will get the theme listing in editing mode. Here you can add new information to the theme description about the theme update.


Step 4. Write the theme changelogs in the Changelog field.


Step 5. Upload the new (updated) theme package using the Theme File uploader section. 


Step 6. Check the price. You can change it here. Also, you can offer a discount on the price. Submit changes. 


On ThemeHunt, the updated version of an item goes live instantly. That means customers can enjoy the latest enhancements right away. 

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