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The number one reason behind the popularity of WordPress is its accessibility. WordPress is simple to use and personalize even if you've never created a website, not to mention written a line of code in your life. However, once you're looking to build a site that has very specific features, you're going to run into a whole series of issues. This is why there are WordPress page builders, that are really easy to use and demand no prior knowledge of design or coding.

WordPress page builders even have a very straightforward way to create websites. You can simply drag and drop elements onto a template of a page, and design your own website from the scratch in a hassle-free environment. In this article, you'll find out about all the key benefits WordPress page builders have to offer.

1. The obvious one

Okay, so we've covered that in the introduction, but it's hard to stress enough how impressive it is to be able to build a site from the scratch without a line of code both in front-end or back-end. This doesn't just save you a lot of time, this saves you a huge amount of money since developers are generally imperative to any project of this sort and they charge impressive rates.

By using any page builder, every single change that you make to the maquette of your website comes with the underlying lines of code, so you have the artistic liberty of doing whatever you want, and the plugin will do the rest for you.

2. Have you seen the templates?

People often take templates for granted, but they’re one of the most important elements of a high-quality page builder design-wise. While it’s true that they’re “just a frame” to integrate your elements into, a good template will provide you with the necessary guidance to create an appealing and highly usable website that your customers will enjoy.

There are a few page builders that have distinctly known for impressive predesigned templates, one of them is Themeum’s WP Page Builder.

The templates are generally divided into different categories, which have the best layouts for companies/sites of certain types. They also feature specific images that will suit the niche your business best fits in. You can, of course, make changes to the layout of the template, nobody’s stopping you. Here are a few niche-specific layouts that WP Page Builder features:

Generic Business: This is a template that can be used by the vast majority of companies on the web. The template is designed to provide you with all the essential modules that companies showcase on their sites, such as an About page, a page dedicated to the team working on the project, a Portfolio page that is designed to show your audience the projects you’ve successfully executed in the past, along with your Packages and their Pricing, and a Contact form.

Spa Salon: The perfect template for a wellness boutique, a spa, a sauna, a nail parlor, anything that is related to the beauty industry will work perfectly with this layout. Similarly, the architecture of the template contains all the necessary subpages that are ready to be edited.

Handyman: The perfect template for a person providing services like plumbing, housekeeping, and repairing.

3. Elements and add-ons

All high-end page builders come with a host of pre-made blocks and elements that you can swiftly incorporate to create a broad spectrum of visual effects so that you can deliver ideas and information more impressively. The variety may seem overwhelming at the beginning, but once you take a few minutes to explore the visual elements, you'll find them very fun to experiment with.

Most of the add-ons have an impressively broad functionality. It lets you create a large variety of visual structures that will structure the content for the visitors. Here are a few popular examples:

  • Forms: These aren't just boring fields for customers to fill out, these are meaningful instruments that let you collect essential data about what your audience and customers like, the changes they'd like to see in your website, along with other relevant information.

  • Social Button: These buttons let you easily integrate your corporate social media profiles into your website.

  • Testimonial Carousel: This add-on provides your audience with a multitude of testimonials that are permanently moving, which allows your potential customers to see how your service or website has benefited them in the past.

  • Accordion: A very space-conscious add-on that helps sections of your page expand and provide additional information, once that is necessary.

4. You can create your own design

It's not very common that we get to embody our ideas through designers, since there's a serious issue with communicating ideas and complications may arise at any step of the equation. So after paying a large amount of money for creating the website you exactly wished for is often disappointing, since there is a discrepancy between what you've expected, what you've asked for, and what you've got at the end of the day.

Have a website which is designed in sync with your brand's personality, tone, and voice is absolutely essential in this day in age. Premium builders are designed to offer their customers the right tools and the liberty to recreate their company's concept in the form of a fast and sleek website.

5. Subtle and important details

There is a list of components to which we don't usually attribute too much importance — icons are a great example. However, when it comes to crafting your first website, you'll find that icons are an essential marker for content differentiation. Many high-end page builders provide their users with a substantial palette of diverse and well-designed icons.

“The text on your website needs visual markers to conceptually classify it for the reader into categories. Readers seek useful content. They can only find the content useful if it is delivered with a certain intention, like a review, a testimonial, a portfolio, and so forth.” — Jennifer Watts, CEO at Trust My Paper.


Generally speaking, WordPress page builders are on the right way towards democratizing website creation and making it accessible to the general public. These plugins, apps, and programs let you embody your stylistic ideas and save a huge amount of money on designers and developers.

It is worth experimenting and exploring with site builders, as they provide with a large variety of functionality. To make sure that you've got everything you need to make the website that suits your company, make sure to check out the free version. It is worth taking some time to find the best site builder for you specifically since it's a tool that you'll be using for a while, so the better you understand it, the better the output.

Themeum’s WP Page Builder is one of the more recent plugins on the market that have started taking over, due to their focus on design and detail. Check it!

Author Bio: Marie Fincher is a digital content director at Trust My Paper company with a background in marketing, technology, and business intelligence. She frequently writes about data science, BI, new marketing trends and branding strategies. Marie gradually changed her focus from working in marketing to writing about it.