What’s going to work? Yes, the teamwork. Working in a team is a very common phenomenon in the software industry. In fact, it is almost impossible to meet a large project’s deadline without teamwork. Version control system plays a great role here by letting developers work individually and merge them centrally. For the most part, going back to the previous version is the main thing what a version control system does. Git and GitHub are there to smoothen the workflow and ensure the team collaboration in the long run.

Resources to master Git & GitHub

There are plenty of places where you can learn Git and GitHub from. Today we will introduce you to some online resources to do it. So let’s know them one by one.

GitHub Guides

Learning GitHub from their official documentation would be the safest way to learn GitHub online. The guide segments different subjects into different parts for the learners to pick the tutorial they need. There’s an also page like GitHub Help for you to fix issues you may face while using GitHub. The help section covers the specific actions you need to take on GitHub.

Official Git documentation

Best way to master GitHub is to follow Git’s official documentation. Alongside covering each topic individually, it has GitHub Cheat Sheet and Visual Git Cheat Sheet for quick reference. You can learn at your own pace. It is completely free.

HubSpot’s Git and GitHub for Beginners tutorial

HubSpot has a detailed tutorial for the beginners to learn Git and GitHub. The instructor Meghan Nelson teaches the Git and GitHub with visual presentation. 


One of the trusted online learning platforms for learning skills online. You can master the skills with projects, quizzes, and examples. Most importantly you have the opportunity to practice them online. It lets you go to the next level upon finishing the previous one correctly. Codecademy offers Free and Premium courses on GIt. Learn at your own speed.

Git Tutorial for Beginners-Corey Schafer

Corey Shafer’s YouTube playlist has a good length tutorial. The Git Tutorial for Beginners has about 6 videos in the playlist. The instructor teaches Git showing how they work in those videos. Any elementary level learner can have a clear idea about Git and the uses by watching this playlist. 

The best way you can get the best out of these tutorials is to practice as much as possible. Don’t just switch to one source to another. Have a quick look at them all and start learning with the one you like. You may go for many as there could be different things in different tutorials. Happy learning.