Hello developers, it has been quite a few days since I shared my last post about dev resources. Don’t worry, I’m back again with some more useful stuffs. As a coder, you may remain busy with functionality matters, meaning a bit less time to design everything UI in details. Is it? However, a theme’s first impression starts with its top bar which is very important. Let’s see some cool HTML5 & CSS3 navigation menus to be inspired.


1. Pure .CSS DropDown Menu

This CSS based dropdown menu offers full-width drawers. It uses font icons so you don’t need to upload images as icons. The flat navigation menu is lightweight and seamless.



2. Pure CSS3 LavaLamp Menu

This stunning menu bar uses CSS3 (no JavaScript) to present a gorgeous look and feel. The author of the menu bar used CSS3 transitions to animate elements in the title.



3. Stunning Menu in CSS3

This CSS3 menu has a rich look with in-depth effects and transition animations. Each single menu item gets a water-drop-like effect when you hover the mouse on it. Dropdown lists are so smooth.



4. Solution for Long Dropdown Menus

This menu bar is really a solution to the long dropdown menus. Here you just hover the mouse on the dropdown host item and it will expand. Moving the mouse pointer scrolls the menu items automatically. 



5. Responsive Multi-Level Menu

This menu is very suitable for mobile-first sites. It’s responsive in nature and saves a lot of space for multi-level items. It hides the parent menu item while showing the child ones. 



You will find many other menus online. Here I’ve mentioned 5 of the mostly used menu bars. Take inspirations from these titles and build your own navigation bars. Also don’t forget to share your suggestions with the community. Happy developing!