Sublime Text editor is one of the best text editors for developers. To make the sublime text editor experience more colorful, there are hundreds of Sublime Text plugins available on the market. I will talk about some of these Sublime Text plugins that will make you stand out from the crowd. These plugins will come handy when you are developing something great.

8 Best Sublime Text Plugins of developer's choice

An expert developer has few tools that s/he uses to make the development process faster, stronger and stabler. If you are a developer like me, then I know you don’t like reading long articles. So, I’m gonna make this one short for you. 

Now, let's dive into the Sublime Text editor plugins. 


Emmet is the single most successful tool of its kind. This sublime text plugin gives you a combination of syntax highlighting and syntax tooltips for HTML and CSS. Emmet has over 3.27M installations so if you are not using it, then install it right away! It's worth it!


SideBarEnhancements, the name defines itself. This sublime text plugin makes the default Sublime Text sidebar more enhanced. It adds some functionalities including ‘move to trash’, ‘open with’, ‘open with restore’, ‘close’, ‘move’ and many other options (like extended options) in the right-click context menu, easy copying of path URIs etc. Its installation count is 1.65M! Try it, you won’t regret it!


If you have written hundreds of lines of codes. Then you get an error. And, suddenly you’ve lost the will to live. The only thing that can save you from this disaster is Sublime​Linter package. This sublime text plugin finds the errors in your code. It has over 1.50M installations.


Bracket​Highlighter is a sublime text plugin which helps to visualize HTML containers including [], (), {}, "", '', #!xml tag></tag> even some custom brackets. Bracket​Highlighter package automatically highlights your code when you put your cursor inside any brackets or tags. This sublime text plugin installation is 1.43M so far. 


AutoFileName is one of my personal favorite sublime text plugins. I believe this has happened to you multiple times - you named a file something but later you forget what was the named that you assigned, whether it was a jpg or a png file. As a developer, we face this type of complication always. So, I can guarantee, you will love it. 


Terminal is one of the packages that you’ll feel the need for after you start using it. This sublime text plugin helps immediately launch terminal from the current file or the root folder of your project. This package has been installed 441K times. Now you decide whether you gonna use it or not!


Have you ever written messy code? That you later find very difficult to read? Then this sublime text plugin/package will help you decorate your code. This package organizes your code in such a way that later you’ll praise yourself for writing such beautiful code. 

Boxy Theme

Boxy Theme is a theme for Sublime Text editor. It has a variety of theme packages like Boxy Monokai, Boxy Nova, Boxy Ocean, Boxy Solarized Dark and so on. If you need a new look to your Sublime Text environment then you can try this sublime text plugin. 

So that's pretty much the collection of my favorite Sublime Text plugins/packages. I find them very helpful in my professional life when I use Sublime text editor. Using these plugins make my Sublime Text editor experience colorful. I advise you to try some of these, and request you to share your favorite package collection of packages for Sublime text editor with us in the comment section. Happy coding :)